Love Don't Live Here (revised edition)

Love Don't Live Here (revised edition)

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Love Don't Live Here, the first book from a generational series. A story about two young women in their early 20's and takes place during the early 1970's into the 80's.

Barbara loves her boyfriend Trini dearly but finds out the hard way when he leaves her while she's six months pregnant, that love is not always what it seems. Having to raise their son Jermaine by herself poses to be a great task.

Like Barbara, Beverly also becomes a single mother but through different circumstances. Her boyfriend Malik, a conscious young man in his early 20's and is a member of the Black Panther party, winds up getting killed during a bank robbery. This leaves Beverly to fend for herself and two children, Derrik and Tinesha. Being a woman she knows what it takes to raise Tinesha into womanhood, but is lost when it comes to Derrik.

The two women invite us into the world of relationships and single motherhood. In the end we all find out it's about doing and being the best that one can be.