You Have to Have Hustle to Make It As An Independent Author

Contrary to popular belief. The majority of people will not write a book, sell millions of copies and become famous. The majority of people who self publish a book, will not ever sell 500 copies (according to statistics.)

Writing a book because, someone thinks it's cool, and would like to see their me on a project is one thing. But, writing a book, with the idea of creating another income, and even possibly a thriving company is another.

Authorship, is a craft. No different than being a carpenter. That's one thing. Sales and marketing are other crafts. So, there it is. These are the basic three crafts, one needs. Self publishing isn't an over night get rich scheme. The money is in building a catalog of books. A catalog of good quality books, I should also add.

I've seen every level of independent publishing. Even had a national bookstore distribution deal to Borders/Waldenbooks stores. Being an author has taken to many cities, and states. Yes, I've sold a lot of books. I've also experienced the ups and downs, of being an artist, building a career, and now to the point of building a company. I also took a break for some years, just to write and build my catalog.

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