'Don't Be In Such A Rush To Make Mistakes

Don't be in such a rush, to make mistakes. Writing, and publishing my own books taught me the importance of patience. I have to facilitate the activities alone that it takes many professionals within a large publishing company. This is just to get a book completed, from manuscript to paperback.


I actually tried self publishing my first title in 2003. After seeing how poor the finished product was. I took an 18 month hiatus to learn about all the different tasks, and jobs it takes to complete a book. A book is a product, and with the development of any product there are processes which need to be carried out. Each process, has to be done right. That's if you desire a well put together book.


So, anything that you wish to do in life, can be looked at as a product. It takes a process to develop a product. Every step needs to be thought out, and aligned with the next step. At the same time you have to keep in mind, the end result.


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