Be Human But Be Tough As Nails

As the saying goes, "Life Is the Best Teacher." I've learned this truth, just as many learn every day that whether you're ready, or not for life's lessons, you're going to learn anyway.

The task at hand for any human, is to go through life's trials and to never lose one's humanity, which in itself is one of the greatest tasks one will be faced with. If one can come t the point where their understanding reaches the level of maturity that, no matter what happens to them, they're prepared to handle, accept it, and move on, then they're ready to live Life to the Fullest.

No one has control of the conditions and circumstances which brought them into this world. Nor could one choose their parents, the neighborhood(s) they were raised in, the lack of, or opportunities which were, or weren't readily available to them as a youth. As one grows into adulthood, ones youth serves to provide experience and lessons to navigate this world. The rougher ones life, the more ammunition, and cartridges one possesses in their arsenal. The more combat ready they are, not the more disadvantaged as many may assume. It's the mindset, not what one is made of that serves to imprison many, and stump them. Free yourself from past circumstances.

I've learned many lessons, which this very day serve me well. One of them being that, just because, I'm a person who lives by Honor, Integrity and being Real with those who are real with me. It doesn't mean that everyone blows in this same current. It took me to go through many mishaps, lose a lot of time, hard work, money and end up with bruised feelings to finally learn. It's not about Blood, and 

How Long you know people. Instead it's always about the people who flow at the same current you do, and who show loyalty. Everyone else is on the other side of the fence. Love is Universal, and there are different levels, your relationship with everyone exists on. For many this is too big of a pill to swallow because, they cannot separate their emotions from their feelings. Attachment, in this regard is a dagger in the back.

Trust, is earned, it's not to be freely given. Know your boundaries with everyone, and everyone has boundaries. No one, and I mean no one should have free access to do what they like in your life, without your approval. Be humble, and be willing to give everyone a fare shake without preconceived ideas about who they are. yet always be wide awake, and stand your ground. You are at the center, of all that does and doesn't happen in your life. So in the end you're going to be left with something, or nothing. Always remember this.

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