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Love Don't Live Here (revised edition)

Amazon Review May 28, 2006
We are invited into the worlds of Barbara and Beverly, both women in their early 20s; their story is set in the 70s and 80s. Barbara learns a difficult lesson about love when she is abandoned during her sixth month of pregnancy. Beverly is widowed as a result of her boyfriend being killed during a bank robbery. Both women are thrust into the world of being a single parent. Shellman gives us an intimate look at the lives of both women. Any woman whether she is a mother or not, can relate to the trials and tribulations of each woman. Though the story was kind of slow in the beginning, Shellman weaves a believable and realistic tale.

This story is relevant because it is representative of the life that many women are leading today. In this novel, the concepts of ?striving for greatness and being the best you can be? are ringing loud and clear. I think that Shellman is on his way to becoming a powerful and riveting writer.

Tanya Bates for C&B Books

Survivor I Changed the Rules

Amazon Review January 10, 2010

I was sold the book to read back in September, and from the moment that I picked it up I had trouble putting it down because I was able to relate to so much that Therone had written in his book. As I read I was able to visualize those times and how life was back then, and I don't miss those times at all. After reading the book I sent it to my oldest son Whom is serving a 8 flat bid for thinking that he is grown. He thinks that the lifestyle is fun and cool, but he just doesn't really know the truth. I am hoping that after reading this book which was so excellently written, that he see that he too can change his life and become a productive member of society as well. Thank you so very much for telling your story, I really did enjoy the reading and the incite into another persons life.

One Good Man

Amazon Review June 6, 2016

Cierra and Horus are students who work part time. They are at the threshold of becoming adults, when the unexpected happens. Neither, is prepared for this, or what happens later. Their lives are turned upside down when the court gets involved. Their parents and great grandparents also get involved in the drama. This is a great coming of age story, which encompasses parenting, responsibility, perseverance, growth and development, family bonds, and goal setting. It would make a great film or play.

SEN Books

Third Eye Awakening

Amazon Review February 4, 2018

I bought this book along with volume 2 and met the author. I thought the book was well written and agree with a lot of the views in the book. It is well worth it for the price. It might even change the way you view things.


No Love Lost

Amazon Review April 28, 2007

No Love Lost was a page turner. I read this book in one day. There was plenty of murder and backstabbing from everyone. I wanted to hear more and see how Blaze and Rachel future went. Mr. Shellman uses dialogue well and however fictional the events in this book, they do take place in real life. This was a well put together book. It reflected on many areas of the street code presently. Mr. Shellman did not hold no punches when depicting images unseen to the naked eye. He mastered this concept. I think Mr. Shellman is a powerful writer and I can't wait until his next book "Survivor". Much Success!!!!

Monique Robinson